Advantage of WEBGATE

High-Definition Video

WEBGATE’s HD DVR series was made based on a high-definition codec targeting a broadcasting market. This shows a 3~10 times better picture quality than the similar products using a Chinese SoC by using a core toolset requiring a high technology level among the recent H.264 compression technologies.

Multi-Streaming Technology

WEBGATE has supported flexible streaming in various environments by compressing total 3 streams basically from the existing analog DVR products to the HD products. The HD DVR series meets various requirements necessary for monitoring DVR through the network by providing high-definition HD stream, the 2nd SD stream and the 3rd JPEG stream. It is possible to check video at various platforms by seeing a HD stream in high definition, by monitoring multiple channels simultaneously in real time, or through twitter, mobile, ftp, e-mail, etc. All these actions are realized simultaneously and automatically at CMS or DVR, so users do not need to pick a stream for use or turn off other functions in order to use this function.


Super Low Latency Technology (very fast response speed)

The video codec of HD DVR starts to compress an image before it is all filled in memory, so the network delay of WEBGAGE’s product is only about 200ms. This figure is even faster than other companies’ DVR’s HDMI monitor display delay. Using WEBGATE’s HD DVR can monitor images almost without delay even through the network.

HD Display Technology

WEBGATE’s HD DVR adopted an independently developed WISE HD display engine. This always maintains a natural and clear picture quality at single/ 4-split/ 9-split/ 16-split display. Through this technology, DVR shows the most outstanding resolution of 1200TVL.

HD 디스플레이 기술

A technology certified by HDcctv Alliance

WEBGATE has the most and world first certified products among the current member companies starting with the first alliance certified product as a member of the HDcctv Alliance born to effectively settle the HD-SDI technology down in the security market. As of June 2012, 9 products were certified, and most products such as 16-channel DVR and cameras are the first certified products in the world. Acknowledged for this service, WEBGATE won a Compliance Leadership prize in 2011.


Reliable File System

WEBGATE’s independent file system has shown outstanding expandability and stability from the days of analog DVR. WEBGATE remarkably improved the DVR file system to have improved lifetime and stability by minimizing the head movement of hard disk. By adopting this file system to HD DVR, it supports the large-capacity of 64TB along with safty prevention function like morroring against power outage, etc.

High Reliability

WEBGATE has cooperated with the prominent makers in the world such as Samsung, SONY, Phillips, Bosch, Mitsubishi, etc. for over 10 years. Based on this quality criterion, WEBGATE maintains a strict quality from design to verification and production stage. All the external ports are designed to bear 8KV lightning as well as ESD to minimize the possibility of any trouble at the field, and the electric current and temperature of all components are measured and managed to extract the maximum lifetime from the design stage.

Integrated S/W Technology

WEBGATE has unified the protocol of all products and managed it since early 2000s because the success or failure of a security products could be determined by the integrated software solution. Able to control 1024 units at one PC, CMS has various functions such as user management, map, user-defined action, smart search, etc., all of which are provided as SDK, so they can be easily customized by users.


Proven History

Even under a severe competition in which many security makers appear and disappear, WEBGATE is continuing a new challenge based on its potential energy of success as an OEM partner of the prominent enterprises in the world. Under way of a new jump into a DVR and then HD DVR starting with an IP camera, WEBGATE is making an effort today as well to become the best premium security solution partner in the world.

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